Three reasons to choose wide plank hardwood flooring

Three reasons to choose wide plank hardwood flooring

As you consider which hardwood flooring products will work best for your home, remember to look closely at wide plank choices. These products could be the perfect match for your flooring remodel, with plenty of excellent benefits.

One of the reasons wide planks are preferred is the quick installation process, but you'll enjoy plenty of benefits. Here are three reasons to choose this excellent hardwood option for your home.

1. Wider planks mean fewer pieces –
With fewer pieces of product, you'll find the flooring installation will be faster, saving you money on the installation process. This quick installation works the same for engineered wood flooring or solid hardwood products.

2. They make small areas look bigger –
The eye naturally perceives more space when there are fewer lines to disrupt the line of sight. So, wide planks can increase the size appearance of small areas, opening up otherwise tiny rooms.

3. Natural and rustic looking –
Some of the most beautiful natural designs are complemented by wide planks, which allow more of the species' grain and character marks to shine through. They can be a great addition to many décor schemes, including the farmhouse, rustic, and eclectic.

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