Luxury vinyl flooring in Norman, OK from Urban Flooring LLC

Luxury vinyl flooring will last you a long time

If you need floors that last a while, consider luxury vinyl flooring in every room. These floors offer a lifespan that could last more than 20 years with professional installation.

But there are other reasons the material lasts so long. And here are some facts to give you an idea of how they could work for you.

Luxury vinyl flooring is highly durable

These floors offer extensive durability, including excellent resistance against daily wear. In addition, they resist scratches, scuffs, stains, and more, for great surfaces longer.

But luxury vinyl flooring is also 100% waterproof, which means water damage will never be an issue. As a result, these floors are a perfect addition to even your busiest spaces where vinyl plank serves you best.

Regular care and maintenance go a long way

The better you care for your luxury vinyl flooring, the longer it will last. Regular cleaning removes dirt and debris, which could scratch and stain your floors.

You can also add extra protection to your floors in your busiest rooms. For example, a few rugs, runners, or mats could be perfect in hallways and children's rooms.

Don't skimp on professional installation

Professional installation ensures your best flooring placement. But it also increases your peace of mind, protecting your warranties as well.

Once luxury vinyl plank floors are in place, you can come back any time with questions about your materials. We're here for you as long as your floors are in place.

Choose our showroom for your flooring needs

At Urban Flooring, we offer materials that serve you well, even in busy spaces. Our associates help you find outstanding products, including brands like Johnson Hardwood, Mannington, and Paramount.

When you're ready to choose your luxury vinyl flooring, visit our showroom in Norman, OK. From there, we serve residents from communities such as:

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