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Is tile flooring waterproof?

Since tile flooring is used in any kitchen, bathroom, and foyer applications, it is generally assumed that the materials are entirely waterproof. However, these products are only water-resistant, and this is a situation we believe our customers should know more about, so read along with us for information that could help.

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It’s not surprising that ceramic and porcelain tiles are often misconstrued as 100% waterproof. The truth is, they offer impeccable water resistance. Still, when these materials are installed, they should be installed with some type of waterproofing underneath, mainly used in the basement, laundry room, or bathroom placements.

Both tiles and grout are susceptible to liquid absorption, and water beneath your floors could produce a wide variety of unwanted results. Ensuring a waterproof underlay is present can alleviate fears of mold, mildew, subfloor destruction, and problems with the foundation, which could save you extensive amounts of money in the end.

Some tiles are far less porous than others. These are called “impervious,” made of porcelain, and have an absorption rating of between 0.001% and 0.5% of their body weight. As a result, these products are much safer to use in areas where liquid and water are more commonly found on floors throughout the day.

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