How hardwood refinishing can reduce splinters and rough patches

How hardwood refinishing can reduce splinters and rough patches

We've all felt it: that unexpected stab of a splinter or the scratchy catch of a rough patch underfoot. These minor inconveniences can transform a beautiful hardwood floor into a landscape of tiny pitfalls. Fortunately, there's a solution that not only addresses these issues but also rejuvenates the beauty of your flooring: hardwood refinishing.

Say goodbye to splinters 

One of the most immediate and appreciated benefits of hardwood floor refinishing is the elimination of those pesky splinters. Over time, even the most diligently maintained hardwood floors can suffer from wear and tear. The protective finish can degrade, leaving the timber exposed to the elements and the stresses of daily life. The result? Vulnerable areas that splinter off, ready to surprise any unsuspecting foot.

Wood floor refinishing involves sanding down the floor's surface, which eradicates these splinters. The process smoothens the floor and prepares it for a new protective finish that safeguards against future splintering.

Smoothing out rough patches 

Beyond splinters, hardwood floors can develop rough patches over time. These areas may be due to water damage, heavy furniture, or simply the natural aging of wood. These imperfections can disrupt the visual appeal of your floor and make for an uneven walking surface.

The sanding phase of hardwood refinishing is especially valuable here. By removing the top layer of the wood, rough areas are smoothed out, ensuring a consistent, even texture across the entirety of your floor.

A fresh, protective finish 

Once the sanding floors process is complete, the floor is ready for a new layer of finish. This not only enhances the wood's natural beauty but also acts as a protective shield against future damage. This layer is your frontline defense against splinters, rough patches, and other wear-related issues, ensuring your floor remains smooth and inviting for years to come.

A smoother tomorrow with hardwood floor refinishing 

Wood floor refinishing offers a clear path to a smoother, safer, and more beautiful surface for those tired of navigating the tiny terrain challenges of their hardwood floors. Restore your floor's charm and say goodbye to splinters and rough patches with a professional hardwood floor refinishing service.

Urban Flooring LLC offers excellent hardwood refinishing and other flooring services. Our showroom in Norman, OK, serves Norman, Moore, Edmond, and Yukon.

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