Area rugs in Norman, OK from Urban Flooring

Finding the perfect area rug

Finding the perfect area rug might be easier than you think, and we’re going to tell you more about that in today’s post. Read along with us here to find out more about what you stand to gain by placing these rugs in your home.

Area rugs or carpet runners?

Area rugs and carpet runners are nearly the same and function in many of the same ways. However, runners are generally longer and cover spaces such as hallways and staircases, so they are usually made of high-durability fibers.

But runners can also be used in rooms longer than they are wide or in large areas between furniture pieces that need a covering of some sort. Area rugs can do the same in bigger spaces but are often placed beneath furniture to cover a larger space at one time.

Whether you choose a rug or runner, you’ll get many of the same benefits, including stunning appearances and excellent protection, especially in areas with heavy traffic. Be sure to let us know what you need when you arrive to help fit your need as closely as possible.

Finding your area rugs in Norman, OK

If you are interested in finding the perfect area rugs in Norman, OK, you may find that Urban Flooring LLC is the ideal place to accomplish this task. Our associates are here to provide you with inventory browsing assistance, answer all your questions, and valuable solutions for every flooring need.

If you are a resident of Norman, Moore, Edmond, or Yukon, OK, we invite you to visit our showroom in Norman, OK, at your convenience. Be sure to let us know what kind of area rugs you need, and we'll make sure you find the perfect solution for every room in your home.